Psiphon Blue Pro Premium APK {Latest Version}

If you’re searching for a good VPN service to maintain privacy online, then you’ve arrived at the right place. Today we’re going to talk about Psiphon Blue Pro Premium APK. It is one of the most reliable and powerful VPN out there.

So read out the article till the end and I’ll provide you the direct link to download the latest version of Psiphon Blue Pro Premium APK. Later, we’ll also talk about its features, installation procedure and more.

What is Psiphon Blue Pro Premium APK?


Psiphon Blue Pro Premium is an upgraded version of the Psiphon VPN app that is available on Google Play Store. This app is developed by Psiphon INC. When compared to other VPN apps the Blue Pro version differs quite a bit.

The overall user-interface of Psiphon Blue Pro Premium APK feels like it is made for more professional use. Nonetheless, the more powerful the VPN, the more security we get. It can easily be used to access blocked sites and other services that seem to be tracking your data. That way, you’ll be safer and no information from the device will get leaked.

Psiphon Blue Pro Premium APK also maintains logs, graphical statistics and offers handy functionalities such as automatic server selection. One of the interesting things that you’ll only find in this VPN is its ability to tunnel the browser only. However, you can freely tunnel the whole device to pass through the VPN but the browser only feature helps to use other apps regularly.

APK Information

Name Psiphon Blue Pro Premium APK
Version v155
Size 7.10 MB
Developed By Psiphon INC.
Required Android Version 4.0 or above
Price Free

Download Psiphon Blue Pro Premium APK For Android

Get the latest version of the APK file from the below link. Also, note that we update our links with the most recent version of the app released by the developer. So make sure to check out the website for updates.


  • Pro Version – It is a Pro(Blue) version of the Psiphon VPN app.
  • No Ads – It does not contain any advertisements.
  • Automatic Server Selection  – The app can automatically select servers according to the speed.
  • Logs – It maintains logs for every operation.
  • Default Browser – You can set a default browser to open every time you connect with a VPN service.
  • Light-weight – It is comparatively light in weight with other apps.
  • Tunnel Browser or an App – You can explicitly tunnel an app or a browser.
  • Tunnel Whole Device – It can tunnel a whole device too.

How To Install & Use Psiphon Blue Pro Premium APK?

Step #1. Download the APK file from the above link.

Step #2. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Resources and turn it ON.

Step #3. Head over to the File Manager App > Downloads folder and install the app normally.


Step #4. Launch the app and give it all the necessary permissions.

Step #5. Next, go to Options and check the “Tunnel whole device” or “Tunnel browser only” option. Also, select the server location of your choice.

Psiphon Blue Pro Premium APK

Psiphon Blue Pro Premium APK

Step #6. Once done, tap the Start button on the bottom left. It may ask for the connection request so tap OK to continue.

Psiphon Blue Pro Premium APK

Step #7. Alternatively, you can go to Stats as well as Logs tabs by swiping right on the main screen.


A lot of people who have been using VPN and just know that it increases privacy but if you’re interested to know how it works, here’s a quick explanation. When you browse the internet without a VPN service the internet comes through your ISP, turning on a VPN app will route the Internet through its private server making you anonymous. That’s it.

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Direct Download Link

Use the download link provided below if the above one doesn’t work.


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