BGMI Antiban Script Hack Download {Latest Version} 2023

After PUBG, BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) has been one of the top games in India right now. If you’re a hardcore battle royale player and looking for a BGMI Antiban Script and BGMI Anti-ban hack then you’ve arrived at the right place.

I’ll provide you the direct download links for BGMI Antiban Script Hack along with antiban support. Later, we’ll go over the complete step-by-step guide on using it on non-rooted Android devices. So let’s begin.

What is BGMI Antiban Script?

bgmi antiban script hack

BGMI Antiban script is essentially a (.LUA) script that makes it possible to hack Battlegrounds PUBG India. Once you run the script along with BGMI on your Android device it alters the BGMI game to interact with the BGMI servers differently. This allows you to perform different hacks like Wallhack, Color hack, Antenna hack, Aimbot, and more. Moreover, you don’t require to have root access to use this script.

This script can be run using apps like GG Modz Pro or Game Guardian along with VPN and Anti-ban host files to safeguard your account.

What is BGMI Antiban Hack?

BGMI Antiban hack is a technique to safeguard your account while using the hacking script. The easiest method to make your account safe is to use the script along with a good VPN and a custom Antiban host file.

Detailed information on using the BGMI script along with the antiban hack is below.

Script Information

NameBGMI Antiban Script Hack
Size10 MB
Required Android Version5.0 or above

Download BGMI Antiban Hack Script

Get the latest version of all the APK files from the below links and go over the installation section for the complete steps.

BGMI .lua ScriptDownload
BGMI Antiban Host FileDownload
Dual Space For BGMIDownload
Strange VPN APKDownload
Game Guardian APKDownload


  • Wallhack – With this hack you can see and shoot the enemies through the walls.
  • Antiban Support – This method is completely anti-ban and your account is safe.
  • Aimbot – This will target the enemy while shooting recklessly. 
  • Color Hack – The color hack allows you to spot the enemies easily. 
  • Antena hack – It puts the antenna on all the players so as to spot them quickly.
  • Flash Speed – You can run faster compared to other players
  • Compatibility – The hack works flawlessly with the latest version of the BGMI game. 

How To Install & Use BGMI Antiban Script On Android?

  1. Open the Strange VPN App and place the antiban host in it (Don’t close while you play BGMI Mobile).
  2. Now, launch the Veteran mode app and clone GameGuardian and BGMI Mobile.
  3. Open up the cloned GameGuardian and load the BGMI hacking script on it.
  4. Then open BGMI Mobile from Veteran App or any other Dual Space and you will see a floating GG Icon.
  5. Tap the icon and choose the script by clicking the small play button on top right corner hack you want to apply. For eg: color hack, auto headshot, etc.


While other methods like BGMI ESP Hack APK are available to use, this is the most robust one. You can plug and play any script using the Game Guardian app which ensures the working and compatibility for updated versions.

I would recommend you try out the hack with a secondary account before using the primary one. Also, subscribe to the notifications for daily updates from our website.