Free Fire Hack APK Download (Latest Version 2024)

Free Fire Hack is a modified version of Garena Free Fire game that comes with preloaded hacks such as aimbot, unlimited diamonds,wall-hack etc.


Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular battleground games for Android and iOS devices. It has 80 million + players who play on a daily basis. There are two types of players who play free fire one who is very professional and the other who is a beginner or we can say noob so to compete with the professional player it becomes hard for a beginner to beat a PRO player so here comes the Free Fire Hack APK which is preloaded with hacks such as unlimited downloads, aimbot, and many others hacks.

So by installing the Free Fire Hack APK you can easily beat other players and can improve your gameplay. So keep reading and I’ll provide you with a direct link to download the latest version. We’ll also go over the installation steps and other details of the app.

What is Free Fire Hack?

free fire hack

Free Fire Hack is a hack that is applied to the Free Fire game to unlock unlimited diamonds, aimbots,no-recoil, etc. Or we can say it’s a modified version of the game which comes with preloaded hacks. So using this improves your KD ratio and gameplay.

It is an unethical way to gain all these so there are chances of getting your account banned from Free Fire Servers or your device getting flagged we recommend you first test the Free Fire Hack APK on your different device logged in with guest or temp account and play for some hours if everything is cool then use it on your main device.


  • Aimbot: It will help you target enemies. For example, when you will aim at the enemy it will lock the aim on the target and shoot the enemy automatically.
  • Unlimited Diamonds: You will get unlimited diamonds in your Free Fire Account.
  • Speed Hack: It will improve your character’s running speed.
  • Unlimited Ammo: No need to reload your weapons.

Advantages of Free Fire Hack:

  • No need to spend money on buying diamonds or crates.
  • No Account ban (First always test with a guest account or temp account).
  • Improve your KD Ratio by killing enemies in one shot.
  • Become Immortal no one will be able to kill you in the game so you can easily win any game without doing anything.

Disadvantages of Free Fire Hack:

  • Sometimes their system detects you as a hacker so there is a chance of getting your account banned.
  • In updates sometimes scripts are not compatible with the newer version of the game so all you need is to wait for the new hack updates.

Download the Latest Version of Free Fire Hack APK

Get the latest version of the APK file from the link mentioned below. Also, note that we update our links with the most recent version of the app released by the developer. So make sure to check out the site regularly for updates.

Free Fire Hack APK

Note: Use a Guest Account we are not responsible for any account ban

How to Install Free Fire Hack APK on Android?

  1. Download the APK file from the link mentioned below.
  2. Turn on installation from Unknown Resources.
  3. Install freefirehack.apk and extract the OBB file using the Z-Archiver app.
  4. Now copy the OBB file and paste it to Android >>OBB Folder.
  5. Open Garena Free Fire Game and Enjoy.