Minecraft Java Edition APK Download (Latest Version)

Minecraft Java Edition APK is one of the best optimized version of minecraft available for the android devices.

If you’ve been asked to list your top favorite intellectual games then you would rather keep Minecraft on the top of the list. It is mainly because the game is next-level entertaining and educational as well.

While the game was performing well with the PC edition the company soon launched the java edition. The Minecraft Java edition APK is even more customizable and enjoyable than the normal version. So if you wish to know more about this Java edition then continue reading. I’ve also shared a download link to install the APK file. 

What is Minecraft Java edition APK?

Minecraft Java edition APK is the only game that many psychologists and educational professionals recommend. It is because the game doesn’t promote any violence, instead it improves the ability of thinking, sharpens the brain, and improves human memory.

With tons of exciting features and the security of google play, the Minecraft Java edition APK is one of the most trending games on the Play store. The game has almost all the features of the previous version and in addition to that, you get some extra features in the java edition.

Apart from that, you can enjoy this stunning java edition on your Android device too. The only catch here is that you need to just download a third-party launcher to start the game. It also allows you to customize the worlds and add or remove items in the game. Anyway, you’d explore the best of the game once you download it. Here’s more information on the APK file.

App specifications

NameMinecraft Java edition APK
Size125 MB
Required Android5.0 or above

Download the latest version of the Minecraft Java edition APK (For Android)

Get the latest version of the APK file from the link mentioned below. Also, note that we update our links with the most recent version of the app released by the developer. So make sure to check out the site regularly for updates.

Major Highlights of the Minecraft Java edition APK

  • Elegant user interface
  • Smooth and hassle-free gaming experience
  • Compatible with all Android versions. 
  • Comes with a free trial.
  • Ad-free

How to Download Minecraft Java edition APK

  1. Click on the link to begin downloading.
  2. Install the APK from the file manager.
  3. Launch the app from the home screen.
  4. Opt for a free trial.
  5. Starting making new records.


Minecraft Java Edition APK
Minecraft Java Edition APK
Minecraft Java Edition APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Minecraft Java edition APK free to install?

It is free to install on smartphones but requires an additional launcher.

  • Does the Minecraft Java edition APK lag while playing?
  • Until and unless you are using a phone with sufficient RAM this game won’t lag.


    Installing and playing one of the greatest games of all time on your smartphone for free is a worthy deal. So download and explore the Minecraft Java edition APK to the fullest.

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