PUBG Mobile Hack Script 2024 (Latest Season)

PUBG Mobile Hack Script can be executed with GG along with the game to get extra advantages like Wallhack, Aimbot, Auto-headshot, and more. 

PUBG Mobile has performed exceptionally well in the battle royal genre. With over 734 million downloads, it sits at the top of the online gaming industry. In those huge segments of PUBG gamers, there are a bunch of people who love to hack PUBG. So in this article, I will give you the latest PUBG Mobile Hack Script that can be executed with GameGuardian.

The PUBG Mobile LUA script provides some of the cool hacks such as Color and Antena hacks, Aimbot, etc. Hacking PUBG certainly gives you an edge over other players. Moreover, with good KD and a few matches, you can easily unlock skins and costumes.

What is PUBG Mobile Hack Script?

pubg mobile hack script

PUBG Mobile Hack Script 0.19.0 is the latest script used by gamers to improve their Kill Ratio and win every game. It is fundamentally a piece of code that manipulates the APK file to give you extra advantages while playing the game. You’ll need an executable app like Game Guardian to use the script.

However GG Modz Pro only works on rooted devices but you can run it on dual space to avoid no-root issues. It is the latest version of the PUBG Mobile LUA script that works with season 13. Apart from that, the script is completely anti-banned and no one has faced banning issues so far.

Script Information

Name  PUBG Mobile LUA Script 0.19.0
Version  0.19.0
Script Extension .LUA
For Season 14

How to Download PUBG Mobile Hack Script


  • Anti-Ban
  • Cheats
  • Support Aim-Bot
  • Unlimited Recoil
  • Health Hack
  • Car Speed
  • Speed Hack
  • No Reload
  • Support Color Hack

How To Install PUBG Mobile Script?

Step #1. Download the Script from the above.

Step #2. Download Game Guardian.

Step #3. Open Game Guardian and load the script.

Step #4. Open PUBG Mobile.


There are many scripts available on the Internet and users have reported that their account got banned after using most of them. Contradictory to that, this script is completely anti-banned, so you don’t have to worry. Moreover, you can freely use your primary account while in dual space. If you still have any issue then you can ask in the comment section.