Technocare Apk Download [Latest Version 2020]

If you want to bypass Google’s FRP lock on Android devices then the Technocare application is the best solution. It is a powerful app with a decent success rate.

Keep reading and I’ll share with you the direct link to download the latest version of the Technocare. Later I’ll provide you with the step-by-step guide on installing and using the app.

What is Technocare Apk?

Technocare APK is an android application that is used in bypassing android smartphones from FRP locks. If you are a user of Samsung’s phone then you might have faced this problem while resetting it via recovery mode or find my device.

You can exceed the protection on your Google account and reset your Android phone in just a few clicks. Using the Technocare app is completely safe and it works for almost all android phone manufacturers.

However, several users change ROM’s, which needs full control over your android masterpiece. Such as unlocking the Bootloader, changing the recovery and so on. In a nutshell, Technocare helps you to achieve full freedom.

What is Technocare Tricks APK?


Technocare Tricks apk is an android application used to bypass the google FRP lock so after resetting your device you can easily use this app to delete your previous google account. Whenever companies like Samsung, LG releases their new security patch updates they make sure that nothing is unlocked on the device. Hence, binding you to the limits of usage. The Technocare Tricks Apk helps you with managing normal errors such as Bluetooth or WiFi connection errors.

Technocare APK FRP?

Technocare APK FRP is an android application to remove previously logged in google account from the device – that way you’ll be able to gain full access. This can only be done by Technocare.apk. So that you’ve understood what the app is all about, let us see some specific information on the Apk file.

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APK Information:

App NameTechnocare APK
Last Updated13 Feb 2020
Size28 MB
UsageBypass Google FRP Lock

List of Supported Devices:

Almost all the 2018 and 2019 models of Samsung, LG are easily supported by this app. Below are the devices on which we’ve personally tested this app.

Which Samsung devices are supported?
Samsung J7 and Samsung J7 Next
All Samsung J4 variants
Samsung J2 and Samsung G6
Samsung J7 MAX

Technocare APK Download For Android

Techocare frp bypass apk download for android

This is the section where you’ll always find the updated and latest version download link for the app. Many other apps can provide you with the same functionality but believe me none of them will be as reliable as this.

Here’s the Direct download link of Technocare APK.

Once you download the apk file on to your device, further procedure is as simple as a, b, c. But now let us see some of the fantastic features of this tool.

Features of Technocare APK:

  • Unlock the FRP’s easily: No matter which device you are using, there is a possibility that it can be unlocked by this tool.
  • Small in Size: The app is small in size and can be installed easily.
  • Powerful: It is powerful enough to get the job done.
  • Trustful: It is completely safe to use this app.
  • No ads: It doesn’t contain any ads.
  • No crashing: There are no crashing reports so far.
  • Use without registration: It does not require you to register for using the app.

How To Install Technocare APK On Android?

Using Technocare is simple. Let us see how.

Step #1. Boot up your device and long-press with two fingers on the welcome screen.

Step #2. This will open up the Talkback Tutorial page.

Step #3. Press or swipe anywhere on the top part of the screen to open Global Context Menu, select Talkback Settings here.

Step #4. Now press both the volume buttons simultaneously and you’ll see the screen as below.


Step #5. Press OK then scroll down and tap on Help & Feedback.

Step #6. Next tap on the Get Started With Voice Access option, it will open up the help article with YouTube video.

Technocare tricks apk

Step #7. Now tap on the YouTube video, it will open up Samsung’s browser.

Step #8. On the browser page, edit “” to “” and search for Apex Launcher APK.

Technocare Tricks APK

Step #9. Now go to the browser’s download section and install the Apex Launcher’s downloaded APK file normally.


Step #10. Press the home button and you’ll be on the home screen of Apex Launcher.

Step #11. Next, open Settings > Other Security Settings > Device Administrators and turn OFF Find My Device.

Find my device

Step #12. Now go to Apps > System Apps > and disable Google Account Manager and Google Play Services.

Technocare Tricks APK Technocare APK

Step #13. Next up, open Samsung’s Internet Browser from app drawer and type in “” in the URL section.

Step #14. Download and install Technocare APK on the device.


Step #15. Now go to Settings > Add Account > Google and add a new account.

Add google account

Step #16. Once done, enable Google Account Manager and Google Play Services.

Step #17. Now go to Other Security Settings > Device Administrators and enable Android Device Manager and Find My Device.

Step #18. Finally, reboot the device and connect to the internet or wifi after the welcome screen and you’ll be signed in automatically.

Technocare Tricks APK

Step #19. Complete Data & Time, etc setup to start using your device normally.


Question 1. What’s the alternative link to download Technocare?

Answer: We have provided a full procedure from installation to downloading the Technocare Tricks APK – check the bottom-most section of the post for alternative Direct Download Link.

Question 2. How to break FRP of non-listed devices using techno care apk?

Answer: Follow the same instructions, there is a good chance that you’ll be able to successfully break the lock.


That was the whole method of downloading, installing, and using the Technocare app on android devices. There are several other ways you can unlock FRP on Android, but as per my experience, it is the safest way to achieve this. What about you?

Comment down your thoughts, suggestions, and queries below. Also, subscribe to the notifications by clicking the red bell icon on the right-bottom of the screen, to get daily updates from our website.

Direct Download Link

Check out the below alternative link.

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