TM Whatsapp APK Download [Latest Version]

Almost everyone uses WhatsApp today. But if you’re like me, you might have already got bored with its same user interface and features. So, today I’m going to share TM WhatsApp Apk. It’s a great WhatsApp alternative with a lot of cool features.

Most importantly, TM WhatsApp Apk has anti banned support with regular updates. So you don’t have to suffer from WhatsApp banning issue. Keep reading and I’ll provide you the direct link to download the latest version of TM WhatsApp Apk. Later, we’ll also cover the detailed installation procedure and FAQs regarding the app.

About TM WhatsApp Apk


TM WhatsApp Apk is an Android third-party WhatsApp alternative. Along with the most basic functionalities of WhatsApp, it gives you the ability to enjoy different MODs.

That way, you’ll be able to control and use WhatsApp the way you like. The crucial thing while using any WhatsApp MOD is to not get banned. But with TMWA you don’t need to worry, because the app comes with the latest anti-ban support.

You’ll also find different options to increase privacy online. With status hiding and in-built app lock, it covers all the basic needs. However, if you want to use a secondary WhatsApp on TM WhatsApp Apk – it could be the better choice.

TM WhatsApp Apk can be installed along with the original WhatsApp downloaded from Google Play Store. Additionally, it is also possible to download and install the different themes from the app itself.

The vast amount of features did catch my attention when I tried it for the first time. Unlike other WAMODs, you won’t face privacy concerns either.

Okay, let us see some detailed information regarding the Apk file.😀

APK Information

Name TM WhatsApp Apk
Version v7.50
Size 34.0 MB
Required Android Version 4.0 or Above
Package Name com.tmwhatsapp.apk
Price Free

TM WhatsApp Download Apk Latest Version For Android

Get the latest version of the apk file from the below link. Also, note that we update our links with the most recent version of the app released by the developer. So in case, the app doesn’t provide you updates, make sure to check out the site regularly.

Here’s a list of detailed features of TMWA.

Detailed Features Of TM WhatsApp Apk

  • Anti Ban Support – The app comes with Anti banned support.
  • Anti-delete Messages – Check the deleted messages.
  • Anti-delete Status – Check the deleted status.
  • Sign in with phone number – Just like the original WhatsApp, you can sign in directly with the phone number.
  • App lock – For increased privacy, the app comes with a built-in app lock/screen lock.
  • Chat colors – Change the chat color of your choice on the home screen.
  • Wide range of widgets – It provides a wide range of widgets to get in touch with your friends and family instantly.
  • Changelogs – On every new version TM WhatsApp Apk provides a detailed changelog for easy understanding.
  • Wallpapers – You can find almost every category of wallpaper from the app itself.
  • Hide bluetick – Hiding blue tick won’t affect vice-versa like original WhatsApp.
  • Set up Notification tones – You can set up different notification tones for different peoples.
  • Hide Online Status – Just like every other WAMOD, you can hide your online status.
  • Hide Typing Status – Don’t want to show someone else that you’re typing? you can do that too.
  • Lag-Free – No lags or crashes.
  • Send long videos – You can send Images, Videos, and other media of more size than default  WA.
  • Universal – It helps to customize the overall appearance of the app including Colors, Styles, etc.
  • Hide Media from Gallery – Select this option to hide Images, Videos, etc from the Gallery.
  • Themes – Try different themes under this option. You can load the downloaded theme from the Play store.
  • Home Screen – You can change Header, Rows, Floating Action Button styles, etc in here.
  • Other MODs – Change the photo corners to round, or Hide Chats Divider.
  • Bubble and ticks – Change how the bubble and ticks look.
  • Action bar color – You can change the action bar color here.
  • Explore more – These are just a few major ones, I highly recommend you explore more features of the latest TM WhatsApp Apk.

How To Install TM WhatsApp Apk?

Step #1. Download the apk file from the link mentioned above.

Step #2. If you don’t want to use it as a secondary WhatsApp, uninstall the original WhatsApp first.

Step #3. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Resources and turn it ON.

Step #4. Next, go to File Manager and find the downloaded apk file to install it normally.

Installing Installing

How To Use TM WhatsApp?

Step #1. Launch the app and give it all the necessary permissions.

Step #2. Next up, tap on the “Agree to continue” button.


Step #3. Here type your phone number, you can also “Copy the WhatsApp Data” by tapping the button at the bottom of the screen.

TM WhatsApp Apk

Step #4. Once you’re in tap the three dots on the top right corner to see other options, tap on Settings for default WA options.

TM WhatsApp Apk ChangeLog

Step #5. Tap on the + floating button on the bottom right for TM WhatsApp features.

Step #6. Here you’ve everything to play with! Tap on the option you want to customize Themes, Conversation Screen, Widgets, Universal, etc.

TM WhatsApp Apk

Note: Please refer to the features section for a complete list of functionalities this app provides.


That’s it! I’ve been using this MOD for quite a few days now. The best thing about the app is – every feature is working perfectly fine without any downside. However, it’s cool to see the deleted messages and status of other people, isn’t it?😛 Anyway, how much did you like the app?

Comment your thoughts in the section down below. Also, make sure to subscribe to the notifications for daily updates from our website. You can also get free email notifications, just put in your email and hit enter.

Direct Download Link

Please refer to the below alternative link just in case the above one doesn’t work.