Is Windows 12 Download Available?[Latest Version]

If you’re a Windows user and looking to get the latest version of Microsoft Windows then you’ve arrived at the correct place. Since the previous version f Windows didn’t have a lot of changes, Windows 12 Download is much more anticipated.

Keep reading and I’ll provide you a direct link to download the latest version of Windows 12. We’ll also go over the installation steps and other features of the app. Let’s begin.

What Is Windows 12 Download?

Windows 12 Download is just a foreseen version of Windows from Microsoft that people have been talking about. It could provide dozens of new features along with user-interface changes. Although being a superseded version of Windows 11, it is expected to have macOS inspired dock along with an updated widget menu.

The downloads are mostly going to be from Microsoft’s official download tool or website but there might be some lite versions of Windows 12 Download available on the Internet. It basically removes the bloatware like Cortana, Office 365 online, and default games to give you a Linux-like light interface.

We’ll also keep you posted about the pre-released features of Windows 12 Download. The new generation of Windows is also rumored to get more frequent updates than its ancestors. The dark mode on Win 10 was more authentic than Win 11, wasn’t it? If you too, miss the Pitch Black UI then you’re going to be all set with darkness control on Windows 12. The feature helps you set different shades of dark so as to reduce eye strain and increase battery backup.

However, the latest Windows 12 is not yet officially available to download. But if there are any pre-release leaks or once it goes live you’ll find the updated link in the download section of this post.

Software Information

Size5.65 GB
Developed ByMicrosoft
Requirementsi5 9th gen or later

Download Windows 12 [Latest Version]

Get the latest version of the Software from the link mentioned below. Also, make sure to check out the site regularly.


  • Highly Anticipated – This version of Windows is foreseen by all Microsoft enthusiasts.
  • macOS Inspired – It is expected to have a Mac OS-inspired dock.
  • Privacy enhancements – It will get new privacy features to lessen the chances of malware or virus.
  • Updates – It offers seamless and more frequent OS updates to its users.
  • Dark Mode – Better dark mode as compared to 11.
  • UI Changes – The update is going to have modern interface variations.
  • Natively supported kernel for Linux – You can enjoy using Linux OS on a PC with ease.

Windows 12 Download Requirements

The new version of Windows might have below minimum requirements (Not finalized yet)

  • i5 9th gen or above
  • 8 GB minimum RAM
  • TPM 2.0
  • Secure boot

How To Install & Use Windows 12 In PC?

Step #1. Download the “.iso” file from the link mentioned above.

Step #2. Download Rufus Software from this link.

Step #3. Attach Pendrive with min 8GB space and within the Rufus software select the ISO file, boot record as GPT, and leave other configs as default.

Step #4. Hit the Start button, note that you’ll lose all the data from the pen drive. Make sure to take the backup.

Step #5. Once ready, reboot the PC and hit F12 to select the bootable device, select USB and continue with on-screen instructions to boot into your brand-new Windows 12 installation.