Aoba’s Toolbox PUBG Hub Download (Latest version)

Are you searching for a complete toolbox for PUBG gaming? The one that offers rich compatibility with Gamepad/Mousepad and hacking as well? With Aoba’s Toolbox PUBG Hub you can try the latest hacking scripts, mods, and more without getting banned from the game.

Apart from that, it has other perks too. Follow this full guide on using Aoba’s Toolbox for PUBG gaming to get the most out of it. Later, I’ll also provide you with the direct link to download the APK file for Android devices.

What is Aoba’s Toolbox PUBG?

aoba toolbox pubg

Aoba’s Toolbox PUBG is an Android gaming toolkit to execute scripts on PUBG Mobile from your smartphone safely. The app was developed for key-mapping services like easy Gamepad integration with Android. But apparently, people found a way to use its tools for PUBG hacking.

This full-fledged gaming platform turns your device into a virtual gaming machine to play massive games. Upon adding your favourite game to the list, Aoba’s toolbox PUBG will optimize it for better performance. Moreover, if you’re struggling with the compatibility of peripherals, it offers a complete list of Aoba’s VM supported devices to pick from.

APK Information

App Name Aoba Toolbox PUBG HUB
Version v1.0
Size 29.9 MB
Developed By Aoba Toolbox Team.
Package Name com.aoba.apk
Price Free

Download Aoba’s Toolbox PUBG HUB

Get the latest version of APK file from the below link. Also, make sure to visit the site regularly for the latest updates since the app is not available on Play Store.



Dual Space:

You can use this app as an alternative to Veteran Mode APK that has been extensively used for PUBG hacking these days. The motive behind using this feature is to hide the integration of scripts from the PUBG server.

Gamepad Integration:

If you’re using Mouse, Keyboard, or Gamepad for playing PUBG on Android device then Aoba’s VM can help you use them. Note that you always need a third-party application to make these peripherals working.


Most of the gaming tools are made by junior developers which leads to buggy features and inefficient UI. But Aoba’s toolbox PUBG is developed by an experienced team with post-testing procedures.


It features different guides for using the app. As discussed earlier, it also has the list for officially supported the Bluetooth peripherals.

Game Management:

You can boost up the performance, FPS, and gameplay for any game by freeing up the RAM and handling its settings through Aoba’s VM app.

How To Install And Use Aoba’s Toolbox PUBG?

Step #1. Download the Aoba-toolbox-pubg.apk file from the above link.

Step #2. Go to Unknown Resources and turn it ON.

Step #3. Launch the app and give it all the permission it requires.

Step #4. Now press the “Add Games” button to clone PUBG Mobile.


Step #6. Connect any game peripherals such as Gamepad via BlueTooth and it will appear on the top bar of the device.


Step #7. Next, you’re ready to play. However, if you want to hack PUBG Mobile for Anti-ban, Auto-headshot, High-jump and more refer to this step-by-step guide. (Just make sure to use Aoba’s VM instead of Veteran Mode)


Although we have discussed this app in our previous article this guide is a more complete solution to Aoba’s Toolbox PUBG Hub. However, you can use this for Free Fire and Fortnite too. Just download the compatible scripts and follow the guide.

How useful did you find the app? Comment your thoughts and suggestions in the section below. Also, make sure to subscribe to the notifications for daily updates from our website.