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Playing games is fun and especially playing on Nintendo Switch is a different experience but not everyone can afford a Nintendo Switch so for that people what if I told you that now you can play Nintendo Switch games on an android device Thanks to Skyline Project making it possible so now there is an app called Skyline Emulator that helps Android users run Nintendo Switch Homebrew games smoothly on their devices.

What is Skyline Emulator?

skyline emulator
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Skyline Emulator APK is an open-source emulator that helps android users run Nintendo Switch games on their ARMv8 devices. It emulates the functionality of the Nintendo Switch system so you can quickly load and play Nintendo Switch games. It is built using Vulkan API which is one of the popular cross-platform APIs for video games.

Features of Skyline Switch Emulator

skyline emulator apk
  • Works on Armv8 Android Devices.
  • Games Work Smoothly
  • Load and Play
  • 100+ Games Supported
  • And many more

Skyline Emulator Compatibility List:

Another WorldPlayable, no graphical glitches presentftx1 #1043Proprietary
Axiom VergePlayable, Good to full framerateftx1 #1050MonoGame
BastionPlayable, no graphical glitches presentProprietary
CelestePlayable, no graphical glitches presentXNA FNA
Crocs WorldPlayable, no graphical glitches present
Crocs World 2Playable, no graphical glitches present
Crocs World 3Playable, no graphical glitches present
HammerwatchPlayable, no graphical glitches presentC# + OpenTK
King of Fighters R2Playable, no graphical glitches present
Miles and KiloPlayable, no graphical glitches presentMonoGame
Miner WarfarePlayable, no graphical glitches present
NeuroVoiderPlayable, no graphical glitches presentftx1 #1051Proprietary
One Night StandPlayable, no graphical glitches present
Scourge BringerPlayable, no graphical glitches presentftx1 #1040Ren’Py
Shovel Knight King Of CardsPlayable, no graphical glitches presentProprietary
Shovel Knight ShowdownPlayable, no graphical glitches presentProprietary
Sonic Mania PlusPlayable, no graphical glitches presentRetro Engine
Steam World Dig 2Playable, no graphical glitches present
framerate drops in a later location
Super Crush KOPlayable, no graphical glitches presentftx1 #1055
Tiny Barbarian DXPlayable, no graphical glitches present,
minor audio glitches
ftx1 #1050
VVVVVVPlayable, no graphical glitches present
We Are DoomedPlayable, minor graphical glitches present
Heroes Of LootPlayable, no graphical glitches presentlibGDX
ResidualPlayable, no graphical glitches presentftx1 #1051Nature Engine
Gunslugs 2Playable, no graphical glitches presentNature Engine
StardashPlayable, no graphical glitches presentftx1 #1055Nature Engine
Shovel Knight Shovel Of HopePlayable, no graphical glitches presentProprietary
Blossom Tales Sleeping KingPlayable, no graphical glitches presentftx1 #1051
Contra Anniversary CollectionPlayable, Sound glitches
Sega Ages Sonic the Hedgehog 2Playable, minor graphical glitches present,
sound glitched
Sega Ages OutrunPlayableProprietary
Alwa’s AwakeningPlayable, no soundftx1 #1050Unity
Sega Ages ShinobiPlayable, minor menu glitches present, sound
sync slow
ftx1 #1055Proprietary
Sega Ages Wonder Boy Monster LandPlayable, minor menu glitches present, sound
sync slow
ftx1 #1055Proprietary
Castlevania Advance CollectionPlayable, no graphical glitches present
CarrionPlayable, average framerateftx1 #1050
Jump KingPlayableftx1 #1050
Rising HellPlayable, average framerateftx1 #1050
RAZION EXPlayableftx1 #1050
A Robot Named FightPlayable, average framerateftx1 #1050
Cyber ShadowPlayable, fps drop in some locations and menusftx1 #1051
Warhammer QuestPlayable, average to good framerateftx1 #1050
FoxyLand 2Playable, average to good framerate.ftx1 #1051
FoxyLandPlayable, average to good framerate.ftx1 #1051
GONNER2Playable but missing some texturesftx1 #1051
IconoclastsPlayable, good to full framerateftx1 #1051
REED RemasteredPlayable, good framerateftx1 #1051
Kingdom: New LandsPlayable, average framerateftx1 #1051
Mercenary KingsPlayable, good framerate, missing texturesftx1 #1051
Slain: Back from HellPlayable, average framerateftx1 #1055
Dariusburst: Another ChroniclePlayable, average framerateftx1 #1055
The Binding of Isaac: RebirthPlayable, good FPS, some FPS drop at timesftx1 #1055
The Way RemasteredPlayable, the 50s to full FPS, no soundftx1 #1055
The Deer GodPlayable, average framerateftx1 #1055
Pankapu (Updated)Playable, average framerateftx1 #1055
KamikoPlayable, full fps
List of Games Supported by Skyline Emulator

APK Information

NameSkyline Emulator APK
Size8 MB
Developed BySkyline Team
Required ARM VersionARMv8

Download the Latest Version of Skyline Emulator APK (For Android)

Get the latest version of the APK file from the link mentioned below. Also, note that we update our links with the most recent version of the app released by the developer. So make sure to check out the site regularly for updates.

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How to Download and Install Skyline Emulator APK?

Step 1. Download the skyline-emulator.apk file from the above link.

Step 2. Go to Settings > Unknown resources and allow the app.

Step 3. Now Install the app by clicking on Install Button.

Step 4. Hurray! You have Successfully Installed Skyline Emulator on your device.

How to use Skyline Emulator App?

  1. First of all, you need to dump your Nintendo Switch Homebrew games in a folder.
  2. Now Open Skyline Emulator and select the folder where you have dumped the games.
  3. Sometimes it will show invalid production keys now you need to dump the production keys from Nintendo switch games and go to the setting and select the keys folder.
  4. Now your games will be loaded and ready to be played.


I hope you loved the article just like you love this skyline emulator make sure to follow every step from installation to loading games so you won’t face any problems.

If you still getting any errors then you can connect with us by commenting your problem down below.

Skyline Emulator for iOS Available?

Currently, Skyline Emulator only supports Android devices.